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Has anyone siphoned out babies?


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I am readying a tank to move my baby Kribensis to. I wonder if it would be safe to just suck those babies out? It seems kind of brutal but if I can do it without hurting the babies it seems like it would be so much easier than netting them. I don't want to kill them though. I'd appreciate your experience and advice. What do ya'all think?

Thanks in advance


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I’ve definitely done it with baby Kribs. 37FEDCE4-1A81-4F70-80A6-47B6B124A1E2.jpeg.c1be455247ab563741255fcff7dc9f78.jpeg

I used a piece of 3/8” tubing. Ensures the babies can easily be sucked up without damaging them, without removing too much water. 

I found it easiest to lure them out with some food, syphon them up, and then be prepared to put some water back in the main tank just like a normal water change. 

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