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nano fish for 5-10 gallon aquarium


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For 5 gallon I recommend shrimp and a snail. It’s very hard to find any fish that can live a full happy life in 5 gallons. The smaller tanks even as an experienced fish keeper I sometimes have a hard time with ammonia and nitrite spikes. 
You may be able to do a trio of Least killifish but be prepared to rehome offspring as they are livebearers. 

The 10 open a lot of possibilities. 
Here are a few less common but readily available fish that are very fun. 
I recommend going with if your water is soft or hard high ph or lower ph. 
Then type into Google what would thrive in your water. 
For example I have hard water so I ask google “hard water fish for a 10 gallon tank” 

It will bring up a list usually of readily available critters to choose from.

Good luck I’m excited to see what you decide on. 




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I agree that a 5 gallon is not large enough for any fish who like to swim around, and it's hard to maintain stable healthy water for that small a tank.

For a ten gallon, I'd encourage you to look at male Endlers, especially scarlet or red chili Endlers or lime green Endlers. They are very active and pretty, they stay small, and if you only buy males you will not be knee deep in Endlers six months later.

Some of the online photos of these Endlers don't do them justice. Lots of visitors looking into my community tank say the red or green endlers are their favorites.

Have fun planning your tank--it's a great stage to be in!

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