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Can someone identify these eggs?

Goldie Blue

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I noticed this clutch this morning, and another small one that is floating under my breeder box of snails. 

I only have white cloud minnows, fire ember tetras, and pygmy cories in the tank, and can't seem to find any pics to identify whose eggs these are online.

Can someone advise me if I should move them into a breeder net? I have assassin snails in the tank, as well as shrimp, and nerites and mystery snails.

( I edited the type of cory in the tank, they are pygmy, not panda!)




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On 4/29/2023 at 12:33 PM, nabokovfan87 said:

The ones on the glass remind me of nerite, but I don't think they normally lay on the glass like that.  They do look like some sort of snail eggs.

Yeah the ones on the glass are nerite eggs, they lay them alllllll over my glass lol


On 4/29/2023 at 10:01 AM, Lennie said:

Those remind me of spixi snail eggs, but I guess you don't have one?

No spixi in there, but those do look a lot like my mysterious eggs!

On 4/29/2023 at 12:12 PM, Guppysnail said:

Check around the rim of the tank above the water and lids. Those look like what my girls leave if they fall to the water before they are done laying/ attaching their clutch. 

My mystery snail mama has had a few clutches fall into the tank, and they never looked like this which is what had me wondering. In any case, I put whatever they are in a breeder net box and figure we'll wait a few days and see if anything happens 🤣

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