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Is 0.20 Grams Of Pellet Food Enough?


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Generally speaking the food we feed is almost a supplement to the 24 hr a day grazing they do in the tank already. They can go a long long time without food, fry a significantly shorter time for proper raising, however still quite a while. They forage on things our eyes can’t even pick up in established aquariums, microscopic algae’s and bacteria’s, detritus, live things etc. If you watch there behavior, as well as examine the remnants if any of the food you offer, this will allow you to better dial in if it’s enough or not. Do they eat it all or is there some left on the bottom? Do they clean up what’s left on the bottom? Are they acting extra ravenous? Do they appear to be growing healthily? Finally how long has the tank been set up? These questions provide some of the basis for a guideline. If there is a bunch left over they don’t eat it may be too much or they don’t prefer the food. If they eat it all or clean the bottom it’s probably the proper amount and if you added a bit more and saw the leftovers that’s how you would know. The age of aquarium typically tells you if there is available supplemental food opportunity. Generally speaking I think .20 grams twice a day for the fish and amount listed sounds like enough on paper without looking at it, but I feel like the most suitable answer will come from the specific observation of the tank and it’s inhabitants. 

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