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Running Co2 Injection And Air Pump At The Same Time


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On 4/27/2023 at 8:49 AM, Pepere said:

with surface agitation and hence increased gas exchange you run higher co2 injection and get up to your target levels quicker, but it doesnt exceed the target level because you are injecting at the level it off gasses…. Ie it gets up to that equilibrium level faster and stays stable through the day.

for myself, I run air stones in all of my tanks to run undergravel filter plates.   I spend about $10.00 a month on co2 running two 29 gallon tanks and a 20 high at around 30 ppm.

Thank you for some much needed insight. Based on your reply running the air stone with Co2 injection is added assurance that my fish won't suffer from too much Co2 while keeping Co2 levels stable. I will continue running the air stone even when the Co2 injection is going.

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Thank you for pointing that out; that is true and always possible under some unforeseen circumstances. I have the lights and Co2 solenoid connected to timers and a Co2 monitor in the tank, which is helpful when I am at home. When away on vacation, of course, that is always a concern.

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I run a lot of air when I do run it. I almost always run it.

That being said I struggled really hard the last time to get CO2 working effectively. I run oversized HOBs and I had a skimmer and a few things going.

The main thing you want to keep in mind is spreading the CO2 around the tank. Circulation is part of the equation here. I had a lot better success removing the air stone (the filters were doing plenty of surface movement) as well as adding a pump dedicated with a spraybar to push the CO2 across the tank.

Hopefully that makes sense and helps.

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