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Angelicus botia (golden zebra loach) questions


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I recently got what was sold to me as “golden zebra loaches” from my local pet store. They only had two so I purchased both. I know they like to be in groups but when I went back to get more the tanks were all riddled with Ich (big box fish stores amiright?) So opted to hold off. Lately though they have both, one more than the other, started to darken up in color, losing their “golden” sheen. Both seem to be acting normal, eating and exploring the tank. So I’m wondering are they just darkening with age? Or are they stressed because there are only two and they need some companions? There really isn’t a lot of info on these guys, as they are also described as a “burmese border loach” but those look nothing like mine. They look more like a yo yo loach but definitely not yo yos. Anyone else keeping these? I did one video with Cory and his seemed to look a lot like mine. I attached a pic of what they looked like before they started darkening up, couldn’t get a good recent pic. 

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