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Nerite Snails

Mike Chesmer

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Spoke to my friend last night and she said her nerite was attached to cuttlebone also (but he won’t eat commercial foods either). Just algae, biofilm, and cuttlebone.

I have however, seen my nerites eat zucchini (they seem to only eat the rind) and sweet potato (not every time, but when they feel like it). Although those aren't calcium-rich foods. I’m just throwing it out there because I think it’s interesting.

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Reading the fine print on the Kat's Aquatics bottles....

1. 3-1 limited edition appears to be a mix of all 4 of her varieties. So if you were unsure, maybe this is the one to go with.

2. Calcium + protein seems maybe geared more towards shrimp or crayfish. (Although it also lists turtles in the description).

3. I'm torn between Calcium + Immunity (because my horned nerite is losing his yellow), or Calcium + Nutrition (because I'm reasonably certain said horned nerite will eat anything with spinach or beets in it).

I dunno, lots of good answers in this thread. Has me feeling all sorts of guilty because I don't really feed anything that the nerite or bladder snails would specifically like. He has been fading to a mostly brownish mix from his original blacks and yellows.

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