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Accidental fry!


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Just as I was checking on my tanks before turning the lights off, I noticed something stuck on the glass...


Apparently the two bristlenose I had in my 75 spawned! I looked all over after finding the little guy, but I was only able to find the one, but now I am going to be watching the tank like it was new again! If I do find a few more, I have a few extra tanks they can grow up in. I'm kind of thrilled, as I haven't added ANYTHING to that tank in several months, so there is no way it came in on a plant or something.

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Lots of fun. I created a quarantine tank for my snails and moved there some floating amazon frogbits from my other tanks.

Following weeks, I've noticed 3 fry! Turns out lately they are rosy barbs. Adorable.

Accidental fry is so much fun. Yours reveal what that is a bit but let's try to unsee! 😄 


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