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Should I be concerned


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Should I be concerned about this dark spot that has popped up last month or so on my bristle nose pleco?

It seems to have gotten a little bigger. She seems fine just looks strange.

she’s in the tank with her mate and 8 black neons and a few snails.

water temp is at 79

0 nitrite

0 ammonia 

little to no nitrate planted 75 gallon.

weekly water changes.

Ph is at about 8 I live in Texas and hard water is it here. 

Any advice is welcome 





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That looks like a genetic throwback color breakthrough. 
My mom and dad lemon each developed one. Dads went away moms lightened. Dad recently got a new one. 
I noticed in a few of their offspring those pop up on body and fins including the offspring breeding pair I kept. Sometimes they developed late or sometimes early and went away. 
My understanding is it is melanin and something akin to freckles. 

I would not worry unless it becomes raised or sunken then it may have other causes. 

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Agree with @Guppysnail. You have what appears to be/what I would call a lemon or yellow blue eyed bristlenose pleco (synonymous with bushynose). It's a variant of L144a I believe. The blue eyes confirms that it's not the true albino form. I have a breeding pair myself. It's my belief that there are a lot of crosses and outbreedings in these fish, such that two fish sold under the same name might have different species origins. In other words, hybridization is likely. In my case, my male has stayed super small (still under 3" coming up on 4 years old), while the female is about double his bulk, and maybe 1.5x his length. 

From my pair, I get about 1 in 50 (maybe less) that has some dark colour. Always small though. A tail spot here, a side spot there, so on. So nothing to worry about.

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