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Fish food recommendations


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I have 3 aquariums… African cichlids, community (mostly tetras/danios), and a betta. Currently feeding twice a week, usually a combination of two of these foods, on a rotating basis.


Most are nearly gone, so looking to fill out an order (to get free shipping) by adding foods from the coop.  What’s the best “all around” food that I could potentially use in any tank?  (I’ll still be rotating a variety)

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I personally love New Life Spectrum products. Have been feeding Thera A+ for so long in my tanks, super happy about it. Recently got small fish formula due to the smaller size. 

I also got Dainichi Tropical micro recently. Too early to say, but so far so good. They mainly make food for cichlids! The one I use is more like a community tank formula.

All 4 tanks loved both NLS and Dainichi. Including betta. 

But these brands are not available in coop site. As they are not available in my country, never tried them before, but from coop I would order xtreme and respashy. 



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