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Favorite Freshwater Fish

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Whichever one is doing the most interesting thing at the time the question is asked 🤣

They are all so different and almost all my favorites for different reasons. I could never decide. However some are very long term pets that are more interactive with me. 
Based on that should some circumstance arise I need to reduce to only one it would be my longfin lemon blue eyed bristlenose plecos. 
Mine don’t hide and I have hand fed them from babies. Mom even learned to eat live brine shrimp from a coral feeder. 




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Well, I personally really enjoy puppy behavior on fish. 

The ones that have such behavior in my tanks are my black rams and especially betta. So I enjoy having interaction with them the most. 

For schooling fish, my point goes to rosy barbs from the same perspective. Active and puppy like.

Visually most pleasing to watch? Angelfish.

the cutest? Pygmy cories.

If inverts count, Rick, my mystery snail was the thing I love the most in my tanks. May he rest in piece. I miss him a lot.


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To “keep” vs. to “breed” marks a major distinction for me.

To just keep … Symphysodon (Discus)


But to breed … it’s a toss up … 

Mikrogeophagus ramirezi (German Blue Rams)


Fundulopanchax sjostedti (Blue Gularis Killifish)


Notropis chrosomus (Rainbow Shiners)


Now as for dreaming of breeding …

Etheostoma zonale (Banded Darters)


Etheostoma akatulo (Blue Mask Darter)


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