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My 10-gal Re-Introduction to the Hobby!

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@xXInkedPhoenixX said I should post an update to my tank, so here is my first one. It's a 10-gal, cycled a few days ago. As of today I have: (plants) 2 Anubias Nana attached to black beach pebbles, 8+ sprigs of Dwarf Sagittaria, 1 bunch of Bacopa (moneywort), 1 Java Fern wedged into central black beach pebbles, 1 Micro Sword in a pot momentarily, and some stems of Wisteria floating closer to light because I wanted to encourage some root growth before planting them. The substrate is Fluval Bio Stratum and I have Fluval Gro + liquid fert which I've only dosed once when i first set up the tank. The light is a Feit Electric LED 32W 8 (a "grow" light i picked up from Walmart claiming to have 2400 lumens, 6500K, and use 32 watts of power) it is about 6-8 inches above the glass lid. I also have plant tabs from Marine World (Hot Springs, Arkansas) below each 6" area of Sagittaria, Bacopa, a,d Java Fern. (Fish) 3 baby long-fin leopard Danios, 1 young Nerite Snail. Suggestions and comments are always welcomed!


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