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Lots a bunch of fish while on vacation

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Went on vacation for a week, and had a sitter that fed them twice but didn't notice the dead ones (she's our nanny and has two kids to keep safe, they're doing great).

Lost all 6 candy cane tetras and a third (6) of my rummy nose. Other rummy nose look diseased with white spots. The rest seem ok so far. 

Don't really have anything to say other than this sucks, the water parameters are fine and essentially the same as when I left. 

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It seems like only when I go out of town that everything goes haywire. I’ll leave with healthy fish and good water parameters and come back to a ph crash or something weird going on with the fish.

it’s like the tank can tell that I’m not paying attention to it for a few days, gets jealous and says LOOK AT ME!

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