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New Fry

Kurt Brutting

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@Guppysnailcongrats on the new fish. 
I absolutely love them. For such a tiny fish they are super personable! 
I got these in February and I am going to get a floating basket with little holes in it to protect them. I will keep you posted on how that goes. Right now they are breeding in floating water sprite in a planted 40 breeder. Their tank mates are Panda Cory’s, some Bamboo Shrimp, and a mystery snail. Pandas breeding on the bottom and Luminatus breeding on top. They make great tank mates. I am keeping them at 76-77 degrees. So far they eat everything I put in for their small mouths. Crushed Xtreme Krill Flake, Easy Fry, Rapashy, & Frozen Daphina. 
Good luck and keep me updated. I know your going to love them! 



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