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Help identify plant

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About a year ago I won a plant at the local auction. if I recall I got it for a couple dollars. the plant was a tissue culture and was a donation from a Florida based nursey. the plant has done awesome providing hiding spots for shrimp and the snails don't eat it. today I pulled it out and transplanted about a third of the plant to a different tank. can anyone help identify from the attached pictures?

Thank you



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There’s no doubt it’s a Cryptocoryne but which species can be very difficult to pin down since there are many that are very similar in growth habit and color, plus they can be variable depending on conditions.  @Ninjoma’s guess of lutea is good, but there are so many options.  This page might help you, but many crypts can’t be accurately identified until they flower.  I’ve got a lot of crypts but none have ever flowered for me, despite me occasionally challenging them.  😆 


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