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Aqueon Discontinuing Bowfront and Other Sizes?

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I recently discovered that Aqueon has stopped producing bowfront tanks, at least that's what it seems like. The only bowfront I see from Perfecto is a Tetra Connect 28g kit, which is an oddball size and only sold as a kit. It seems like Aquarium Industry/Masters also doesn't produce a bowfront, and Fluval maybe has a 26 and 45, but if they still make them they don't seem to be available outside Canada. 

Aqueon has seemed to significantly slim down its tank sizes over the last few years. Their website has slowly dropped the number of listed sizes and even some of the ones they list are nearly impossible to find. Seems like their focus if still moving towards high volume of just a few sizes.

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The bowfront I had was from marineland.  Beautiful tank, great lid, really nice setup. 

I've actually never seen an aqueon bowfront available in a store locally.  There are likely places online you can order from, but I'd recommend the marineland product specifically if you want a bowfront.

In terms of why things might be reduced in availability, we all know that there is limitations on supply chain.  Sizes of glass might be limited what can be done.  This might be the reason for shorter height tanks or different sizes like the 60B size that seems to be in production moreso.

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