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Tetra Lemon - is this some disease or he was attacked by some other fish?


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Hi Guys,

I just noticed one of my tetras lemons has this hole in his body. I have him for about 1 year so he is probably 1.3 years old ?!?!? He is together with other 7 tetra lemons. I never saw the fighting or anything else.

do you believe this is some disease ?

I do have a Chinese Algae Eater … I heard they become aggressive when they get bigger …. 

Thanks for your opinion.


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 Chinese algae eaters can feed on the slim coat of fish this could have happened in this case with the redding to the body and the hole it could also be a bacterial infection what I would do if you can is quarantine and treat with a broad spectrum antibiotic treatment such as kanaplex or maracyn2 and add a small amount of aquarium salt 1 table spoon for 5 gallons @Marcelo

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