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Hi! Is my guppy still pregnant? Two days ago, I saw that she was very fat and her bra I’d spot was very red but this morning I checked her and she’s not fat anymore!

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Here are some photos. 
I was very excited for her to give birth. I did some research and found out albino guppies were prone to eating their fry after they give birth.

The last photo is the guppy’s fry. They’re so cute!!! ≧◡≦









I just realised that the guppy’s photos were taken upside down lol

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Congratulations on your new fry!

Are you asking whether she could still have more fry in this batch, or whether she is still carrying future batches of fry? When guppies mate, the female stores several packets of male sperm and uses them to fertilize her eggs whenever she is ready. So, from one day spent in a tank with males, she may store enough sperm packets to continue having fry every 30 days or so for 6 to 8 months.

So, your mom guppy may not have any more actual fry in her, but she is likely still pre-loaded for her next several batches.

I have also heard that albino guppies are famous for eating their fry, but I have not raised them so I cannot say. I raise my guppy fry in the same tank as the parents but I have a bajillion plants in there for the fry to hide in, and I feed the parents 3x a day for the first week so they won't be so hungry that they are eager to hunt down fry in the plants. By the time the babies are a week old, they are pretty savvy and past the stage where parents can easily eat them. 

In the past I have also raised fry in the tank and removed the parent fish to another tank. This way the parents cannot eat the babies and the babies have the benefit of being in the aged tank.

I hope  you get a lot of enjoyment out of those babies!


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I have heard a theory which sounds plausible about why albinos are more prone to eating their fry. Guppies in general, and other species for that matter, tend to eat the unhealthy or deformed fry. The ones that swim down tend to be unhealthy and the ones up healthy. Females tend to eat the ones that swim down. Albinism is a deformity that we have encouraged to continue on because we like it. In effect, all of her fry are deformed because they are albinos. I have no proof this is a thing, but it's an interesting theory nonetheless. 

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