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Fish room set up


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I have a question with those familiar with the linear air pump being sold by aquarium coop .  I am setting up a fish room in my basement and have 1" pvc that I have set to put together to tap and drill for air.  I currently have 3 racks and have purchased 12 20 gallon tall tanks and 4 10 gallons that it will supply (probably more as I go forward).  My question is "Do I need a diffuser at the far end of the system for now as it will be a process and tanks will come on line a few at a time or should I just drill/tap/valve all the spots I know I am going to use and just leave them open and bleed air that way?"  I am concerned that at first I will not need all that air and would need to bleed off extra until everything is going.  I guess the second part of that question is "Does back pressure damage the pump from not bleeding off the extra?"

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