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Any Alternate easy option for Python Gravel Vac


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You don’t have to leave the water running while using the python.

You can just use the sink to start the siphon, and then turn the sink off. Once the siphon is started, you should be fine, but you’re mileage may vary depending on other factors, like distance to sink, etc.  

I have maybe a 20” distance to my sink when I’ve used a python, and with the sink off, the suction was less, but not by an amount that mattered in terms of cleaning my tank.

If you don’t want to want lose any water, you can siphon your water through a filter sock, into a bucket, and then dump the water back in to the tank.  I’ve don’t this from time to time when all I wanted to do was clear some debris from the tank, but not change water. 

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For just water changes, I've seen videos of people using a submersible pond pump. I think @Tazawa Tanks has a video on cleaning where this is what he does on water changes. 

The other thing that you could look at is an inline pump for gravel vacuuming. But you'll need something that can handle solids well for that. Maybe a peristaltic pump? Not sure ok the spelling of that. I use the python to start it, then disconnect my hose and drain into my garden outside. Downside is my door is cracked open while I siphon.

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