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Great Video from MOAPH on "An Evening with Aquarium Legends"

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I discovered the Museum of Aquarium and Pet History a few months ago and subscribed to their monthly newsletter and video. This is the museum Gary Bagnall of Zoo Med recently founded from his extensive personal collection. For the month of April, they released a twenty-year-old video from the NEC Convention with many of the hobbies "legends". There are some great stories and history in this four-hour-long video. They produce some amazing videos on aquarium and pet history each month as well as upload some great photos and documents on their website.

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On 4/11/2023 at 9:02 PM, Ken Burke said:

An evening with Aquarium Legends eh.  Feels like one or 2 names are missing there.  Maybe it’s just me.  

Out of curiosity, who? Of course, they couldn't get everyone, but I thought this was a pretty good mix of individuals.

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If I remember his age right @Cory would have only been in his early 20’s when this video was made and the video was shot about 7 years before he founded ACO per their website founding date.  He’s certainly made a name for himself now but was barely starting out back then, per google.

@Dean’s Fishroom is another matter as far as his age when this was produced or how much breeding he was doing that long ago, and I don’t have any idea how famous he would have been back then (17 years ago).  Dean is only a few years older than me but has been breeding fish far longer than I have.  I’m really a beginner at breeding fish (vs keeping fish) except for my single clutch of bettas I raised back around 1998 or so.  Dean’s bio stuff says he’s been breeding fish for 50 years according to google sources.

Most of the guys that I’ve watched so far (just getting started on the video) look like they are in their 70’s in this video which would put them at least in their high 80’s to early 90’s now if they’re still alive.  I suspect it’s unlikely to be considered a “legend” when you’re only in your 40’s.  If I remember his age right, Dean wasn’t yet 50 when this video came out.  He was likely “known” but maybe not quite “legend” at that point.

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