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Anubias Nana Carpeting

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I'm still relatively new to planted tanks. I really like the look of Anubias Nana, and decided to buck the advice and try to grow some of it in the substrate. I started by attaching the plants together using cotton twine (attached using bits of cotton ball and super glue gel; let cure), and then added plant weights between each. I did a rough test placement, then buried the string and weights into the substrate. Each rhizome is sitting right on the top of the gravel, so I'm assuming this is going to be fine. It might propagate even slower, but this is fine for me as long as they don't rot and die. The bits of cotton/glue that are exposed blend in quite nicely with the crushed coral.

As a bonus, I had a Bob Ross-esque happy little accident when some moneywort was dislodged then gathered around the top of the driftwood. It doesn't seem to effect flow much (wood is already there blocking some), so will probably keep floating this bunch and grow a small canopy. 





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Cotton twine will rot surprisingly fast in an aquarium but hopefully your Anubias will have dropped roots down into the substrate by then and will keep itself anchored.  If they come loose, just put a plant weight directly on the plant.  Anubias grows just fine with roots in the substrate, but isn’t reliable with the rhizome in the substrate.  As long as your rhizomes aren’t buried, they should do just fine.  Some of my happiest Anubias have roots going down into the substrate.

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