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Bolivian or German Blue Ram?

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I vote for GBR, but @Chick-In-Of-TheSea’s Snoopy does not help me making this decision. She is adorable.

I feel like German blue rams sensitivity perception is a bit an overreacted topic. I don’t know. I have been reading people saying they are sensitive nonstop and it can easily discourage people from giving them a chance. It did for me back in the days and giving them a chance prove me the opposite. They seem just like an okay fish for an average hobbyist who is willing to provide 80F temps.

I love the color varieties of GBR, but def not the baloons.

P.S: I love you Snoopy

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I adore Snoopy but the group of Bolivians I received were not in stellar condition. My Germans however were and they spawned and now their babies are getting close to spawning. I love them they eat from my fingers and always rush forward to greet me (beg for food 🐷)

If you are trying to decide think first on what else you have in the tank or if you want to put others in the tank. That will make your choice simple. Bolivians are fantastic for a community because they do not require such high temperatures. However if you want a show stopper to rival the colorful saltwater fish and clown-ish behaviors to rival clownfish and you don’t mind not having a ton of choices for tank mates it’s German blue rams all the way. 


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