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Tiger lotus leaves

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The leaves on my Tiger lotus plant seem to be curling inward.  I have two more in a different tank and they are fine.  I use Flourish Advance in both tanks every day and Easy Green Fertilizer and Easy Iron once a week in both tanks.  I also use the Aquarium Co-Op lights on both tanks set on the third lowest setting.  Any suggestions on what the problem might be and what I can do to correct the problem?  
Thanks for any advice that can be offered.

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I've got a couple of them in for about a month.  The leaves looked like that for awhile, but they eventually opened up more.  Might just be a time thing.  Different plant, but I've got two dwarf aquarium lilies also in for a month in the same tank and one of them is huge and has 8+ lilly pads at the surface.  The other is about 1-1.5" tall and has barely any growth. 😄

I'm digging both of the plants.  The one tiger lotus is probably 8" or so in diameter now and the apistos like it for two reasons.  First, it kind of collects the baby brine shrimp in a funnel and they concentrate there.  And second, the male likes to use it as a dance floor to display for his lady. 😄

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I've noticed these dwarf aquarium lilies doing the same thing. Some leaves are curled as they emerge and grow...and then fully open when they reach the surface!  Some plants grow giant and others stay short and stubby...:classic_rolleyes:





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I hope that mine will start growing 1 day as long as I've had it 
it should be like 1/2 the tank by now but it's not doing crap.

I may have to invest in more but as slow as they are maybe not 
I'm after the faster growers like the Taiwan Lilly's they grow well 
& the red flame swords grow pretty decent being I have 2 of them.

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