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Hello from Canada!

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I have been keeping fish since the '70s, and for the last several years, I have mostly been raising annual killifish, but wanted to keep some fish that are longer lived.

I love that there's so much information available now online, and reading articles and watching videos over the last few years, I decided I wanted to keep some of the fish I started out with - guppies, platies, and white clouds - and also a few that are not exactly uncommon but not often available locally (we only have a few chain stores): ember tetras, sparkling gouramis, and medaka ricefish. I also have goldfish, neocaridinas (orange and blue), and snail colonies (mystery and ramshorn).

I typically keep single-species-only tanks, and currently have 9 up and running, all still in quarantine status, so no pretty tank pics.






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