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New tank!

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Big thanks to the Co-op for all the info!! I am new to fish keeping and feel so much more confident! And I am fortunate to live close to the store!

Also, a big shoutout to Tap Plastics in Bellevue, Washington. I had them make a clear acrylic lid, as I didn’t want the risk of a glass one with my kitty, who is also very interested in fish. They mis-cut it twice but quickly redid it with not one word of argument, did so quickly and were very nice to deal with. I love the finished product, and you can’t beat their customer service!

Here are a few pics:





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I had them make one that is hinged in the middle and with a cutout for my HOB filter; my husband notched a back corner for the heater cord. I’m very pleased. I judge customer service by how a company does when something isn’t right, not by if they make mistakes, and they earned top marks from me!  Let me know if you want photos.

11/12/20 Update:

JeffM, ask them to make it from polycarbonate, not acrylic. Mine started to sag a bit in the middle, and when my husband took it in today to have them make a reinforcement for it, they said it’s probably sagging because acrylic (which was my specification) absorbs some water. They suggested polycarbonate as it absorbs less. They are also making a new one from that, and only charging for materials!!

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Welcome to the forum. I’m curious... What kind of harps? I have 3 luthier made Autoharps, crafted in Sea Tac Washington. When able to start traveling again, I want to make a pilgrimage to Aquarium Co-Op. How fortunate you are to live close by. I would be in there everyday. 

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