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Nutrition for rooted plants that can also float.

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Hey gang!

I know there are a lot of stem plants out there that can also serve as a floating plant.  When I hear this, I interpret from it that the plant can feed directly from the water column.  If this is the case, can I get away with planting such plants in a relatively nutrition-less substrate such as sand or gravel and get by just dosing with EZ Green?  I want to add some more plants to my RCS tank but I really would like to avoid adding more maintenance that would disturb the substrate if I can.  Thanks in advance!

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I have Amazon sword plants that are growing in bare bottom tanks.  I’m sure they would grow even faster if I actually dosed the tank more frequently.  😝 🤷🏻‍♀️ They are growing despite zero substrate.  I also have some crypts floating in another tank that continue to grow despite being in a bare bottom tank that is also less frequently dosed than it should be for optimum plant health.

Might they better with a nutrient rich substrate?  Probably.  But if I actually put more ferts in the water reliably they’d probably do just as well as a nutrient rich substrate.

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