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Cyanobacteria and turtles


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Hey All,

I didn't know if this should be the forum to ask about this, as cyanobacteria (slime "algae") isn't actually algae or a disease.  Though, if needed I can repost into the other forum.  I've been hesitant to use the Fritz Slime Out in my fish/turtle tank because I haven't found anywhere that states it would be fine for turtles to be in the water with the medication.  So, I remembered that Cory has a fly river turtle and wondered if he would trust using the medication in his tank or is someone else here has had doing so.  Any insight is appreciated and thanks for your time!

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On 4/8/2023 at 1:34 PM, Expectorating_Aubergine said:

for stuff like this, I like to look up the active ingredient on the label or the sds sheet. Then I search if the active ingredient is safe for *animal of choice*

That is great advice and usually works! But unfortunately this  slime out(tm) is locked under “proprietary” so the SDS is kind of useless. I would imagine if it’s not a chemical that needs to undergo disclosure or be tested that it is fairly innocuous.

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