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Glass Catfish Breeding?


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I've always wanted a school of glass cats.  Today, my local petco had a dozen of them and had the buy 2 get 1 free sale going on.  So, now I'm the happy daddy to the full dozen of them.  🙂 Right now they are in a QT system to run through the QT Trio and make sure they are healthy.  

Once they come out of QT, I'd like to work on breeding them.  Anyone have ideas on what sort of setup they want when heading towards breeding?  I did not find a lot of info on the internet on them other than being good community fish.

Anyway, happy to have them. 🙂




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My LFS had these a few weeks back. I was thinking about them for my catfish tank and did a bit of digging. 
What I found was they are egg scatterers and are not known to readily breed in captivity but some folks have done it. Here are a few of the articles I found. 



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