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Betta Swimming rapidly around tank

David Ellsworth

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I purchased a betta from a box store and he spent a few days in his cup with no change. My apartment is cool about 70 degrees so the water was cooler than I'd like for him so I set up a 10 gal tank with a heater, bare bottom, a sponge filter, a few nano dragon stone rocks, and a fake castle for basic cover for him till my planted tank for him cycles. The only light he has is ambient room light. The water in his cup was low 6 pH or high 5 pH. I drip acclimated him before putting him in the tank.

He has been rapidly swimming back and forth along the back glass and sides for about 2 days, almost nonstop. He swims between the heater and the back glass and all over the back glass from bottom to top. At first he was flaring a lot, but not as much now. Is he just seeing his reflection, reacting poorly to the water, or is there other cause for concern? Is it normal and will take a few more days to settle in?

I posted this here because I didn't think it was a disease.

My water is very hard out of the tap, and has chloramine in it so has a little ammonia on set up. I of course used dechlorinator. My parameters are:

  • pH = 7.62 
  • Hardness/GH = 17 drops (about 309 ppm I believe?)
  • KH/Buffer = 3 drops ( 50 ppm)
  • TDS = 748 (it was about 700 ppm out of the tap)
  • Water Temperature = 78 F
  • Ammonia = 0.5 ppm
  • Nitrite  = 0 ppm
  • Nitrates = 5 ppm


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