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DIY Acrylic tank


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So I work in a school district. Over covid stuff, they bought so so many large sheets of 3/16in acrylic sheets. Now they are that they are talking them down and starting to look to get rid of them.

I was wondering if it would be a good idea to use 3/16th acrylic to make some small (nano) aquariums. I understand that around 1ft tall tanks usually want a .25in sheet. But there are just so many spare huge sheets of this acrylic that will be thrown away. 

I could always make braces for the tops of the tanks. And they haven't been cleaned with any harsh chemicals.

Does anyone make acrylic tanks that would be willing to give their 2 cents?

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While I do not, this is a very interesting question! I badly want to make some display tanks for swaps, so I will be listening to see if this is possible. My husband is also employed by a school district taking down its dividers. 

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