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I goofed

Jimmy Cleveland

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Hello I goofed up and don't remember my email for my original username from 2yrs ago don't even know if it's active (the email) I'm the water sprite guy that's me jimycle would like to get back in to it IF POSSIBLE??but if not I have this new one and will restart.. AND @Cory the water sprite did live from that tiny lil bit I have some in almost all my tanks and have gave some away still have my og 1st bottle of easy green 2 years now and my green bag I don't even know if you use them insulated bag anymore I have found a store with 20 mins of me that is carrying the co op brand I know it's a good store for that one reason. Long story even longer lol im back and learned some much more in 2 years and have a lot to share and more to learn here it would be wonderful if i could continue from my old username but if thats not possible i understand and I'm more than happy to restart my journey here.. hello alll

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