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Sick neons. Need help.


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0 ammonia

0 nitrites 

10 nitrates

Ph 7.4 

Gh 8°

Temp 79°

I’ve had my 10 neon tetras since June and they were fine until a few weeks ago when I noticed one or two of them becoming very skinny and isolating from the group. Their gills looked like they were protruding. They were in a 55g community tank but I have moved them all into a 10 gallon quarantine tank. I am now down to 7 neons and a couple more that are very skinny, one is missing an eye as of a couple days ago and the others have bumps/knots on their stomachs. I’ve treated with multiple parasitic meds with no luck. 







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What fish were in the tank with them? Things like a missing eye usually comes from aggression.  If there was aggression it could lead to some skinny fish as well. 


What are you feeding the neons? Something like blood worms might be too big for them, or old expired food, or possibly only sinking wafers etc could all have an impact. As we collect more information, it's more likely we'll find the problem. Otherwise the easy answer is "neon tetra disease" aka I don't know what's wrong.

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