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Looking for inspiration for my pond.


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So after 6 months of searching thru my towns building codes and playing phone tag with permits and zoning I finally got an answer about pond regulations in my town. I couldn't find them in the town construction code because it was in a section about trees that I never thought to look in. Basically anything 10 cubic yards and under is considered landscaping and I'm not required to submit any plans or get permits.


So I'm planning on putting in a pond that somewhere between 1500-2000 gallons (10 cubic yards is a little over 2000 gallons). I'm on central New Jersey and zone 7. The area where I'm planning on putting it is shaded a good portion of the day by my deck.


Does anyone have ponds that size? Share pics and planting/stocking ideas.


I'm planning on 10-12 goldfish probably a mix of types (Comets, Shubunkins, Watkins and maybe a Fantail)

What other fish would be able to live with them and survive over winter. Would White Cloud Mountain Minnows be an option?

Could 2-3 Pumpkinseeds live in a pond that size with goldfish?


How about planting? should I plant in containers or directly in the substrate?

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I've wanted a pond for years.  Good for you!  I think there is so much variation in goldies that I don't see the need to find something other to pair with them.

The four people who I know who are most successful with their ponds all plant in containers.  Easier to do plant maintenance without having to get in the pond.

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