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Planaria… Should I be worried?

Jurrian Hering

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I just noticed in my planted community tank that’s there’s a considerable amount of Planaria climbing around the glass in the back of the tank. Should I be worried? I’ve heard people say they are the worst things to ever exist and others who don’t care about them. I’m curious everyone’s thoughts. 

The tank is a 40 breeder ran off a sponge filter. It’s stocked with 4 GBRs and 10-15 dwarf neon rainbows. There’s also a massive colony of cherry shrimp and MTS patrolling the bottom. 


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I would do my best to vacuum back there. Their excess numbers means there is excess food back there. I would also cut back on feeding a bit. 
I have several types of planarian in random tanks. The only time I bother with them is if they are in a tank that can’t eat the big ones or the ones with my shrimp I feed those to bigger fish. 
They have caused me no issues for decades. I do take cues I’m over feeding or not cleaning up well enough when the population gets boisterous. 

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