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Colombian Rams


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My LFS has some rams for sale that are listed as "Blue Rams" but they are chunkier than GBRs but have more of a bluish shimmer than Bolivian Rams.  After doing some research, I believe that they are Colombian Rams. Has anyone had any experience with these before? There is very little information on them on the internet so any information would be helpful.



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That’s my thought as well. I guess I’m not versed enough in the history of GBRs to know if they were bred to be smaller in stature or if these would be considered a different species or sub species? Lil similar to how the Bolivian ram is the same but different.

I’m intrigued by them considering my LFS has been out of GBRs for quite some time. My only pause is if I will eventually be disappointed if they don’t color up very much.  

on the flip side, I have had trouble getting my GBRs to live for longer than a year so maybe some wild caught rams would be better?

I truly torn on whether I should get these guys or not.

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If they are really wild, then I believe it is not that likely for them to color up *as much as* other selectively bred variants. 

I'm not a breeder but this is my opinion:

Rams normally want a bit specific water parameters as you know. Soft water, kinda low ph, but hot temp. If you get wild caught fish then you should meet their parameters and conditions in the wild.

The negative side of getting selectively bred fish is, their genes get weaken due to lots of inbreeding. So tank bred ones have better coloration and can adapt wider range of parameters, but can be a bit weaker genetically I believe.

This is a video I found where it shows GBR in the nature. So yea, if they are "wild" for real, then they don't seem to color up too much. But on the second part of the video, there are some with pretty okay coloration considering blackwater is not working on their side for popping up their colors.


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