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Young Cardinal Tetra food


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We just got 23 juvenile Cardinal Tetras. I have Micro Pellets and Omega flakes. They are so little even the micro pellets are too big for some of them and the flakes haven’t really reached them. I remember seeing a food that you just stick to the glass and they eat but I can’t find it on the Co-op page. Any suggestions on what to feed them? I have:

Hikari Crab Cuisine

Xtreme sinking wafers

Omega One freshwater flakes

Hikari Tropical Micro Pellets

Vibra Bites

Xtreme Betta Pellets 

I also have some frozen Bloodworms and some frozen Brine Shrimp but I think I understand these should just be more treats than a regular feeding thing.


I alternate the food for my snails, shrimp, Betta and Corydoras. Any suggestions are loved and welcomed!


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2 hours ago, Ryo Watanabe said:

Crush the food you have now to make it finer or more powder like. I think that’ll work. Or get the Aquarium Co-Op fry food or even the X-Treme Krill flake which you can easily crunch up into small pieces for the fish to eat.

Thanks! I’ll try crushing the stuff I already have. I have flakes, but they kinda just get sucked up into filter before they sink to middle level. What do you think of the Sera tabs that stick to the glass? I noticed @cory doesn’t sell anymore...are they not a preferred way anymore?

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Frozen baby brine is a good option to help put weight and size on fast if you dont want to set up a baby brine shrimo hatchery of your own. 

Crush up the food you have currently into smaller pieces is the next easy fix. I use an electric coffee grinder  (not the same one my husband uses for coffee!) To grind up aquarium related stuff. They're maybe 20 bucks at Walmart. Probably cheaper online. But a few seconds in that and your flakes or pellets will be a powder. Which will be much more bite size for the little cardinals. I've played this game before myself with cardinals. They do have tiny mouths.

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