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5 species of terrestrial moss

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I previously established that just regular old, terrestrial moss grows just fine underwater long-term. Yesterday I collected five other types of moss that I found growing around outside and brought them in and cleaned them. And I put pieces of each in a couple of different gallon jars full of water, and I am going to first be finding out whether all of these also do well underwater, and if so, then I am going to start subjecting them to lower light conditions, keep the jars at different temperatures, and make one of them slightly brackish.

I will try to remember to update with results in over the next month or two.

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Ok so as a preliminary update I can say that definitely all of this moss is doing just fine underwater. From a previous trial I also can say that even moss that has been dried out (to use for crafts) for over a year will grow again once you put it in the tank. Also, because I forgot about half of the stuff I collected in a bucket of water until today I also feel pretty confident saying that water temp doesn’t matter much, that water was 60° and I have been growing some in tanks as high as 82° for several months. The bucket also was not getting any direct sunlight and the water was very muddy but all the moss is fine, most of my tanks also have low lighting so it is probably safe to say that pretty low lighting will also not be a problem. Will report back when I feel I can say anything else with certainty.

washing all of the dirt it was in off and gluing it to rocks and driftwood also has not hurt any of it so far.

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