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platys with betta, worried about water hardness


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So I recently finished cycling Bruce the bettas new tank, I did a fish in cycle since it was an emergency move due to a poor filter that caused his old tank to crash. Anyways I added three platys today, and everyone is getting along perfect, however my memory lapsed and I forgot they prefer harder waters then bettas. Bruces water was super soft and acidic and I was worried that it was stalling they cycle so with aragonite and decorative stone I managed to get his water up to about 7.0-7.6 ph and a GH of six degrees, but im worried about it being to low for the platys and dont want to make it to high for Bruce. I ordered some seache, equilibrium and might add extra crushed coral, but wanted to see if anyone had any advice on a good number to aim for. Thanks. 

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I can't say which is optimal, but I would be weary of PH causing fin rot on the Betta.

Let me try to do some quick maths and see what makes sense.


PH:     6.0 to 8.0
Hardness:     Soft to hard. dH range: 2.0 – 25.0
Temperature:     75 F to 85 F (23-30 C)

PH:     7.0 to 8.3
Hardness:     Medium to hard. dH range: 10-28
Temperature:     68-79°F (20-26°C)

I would target 7.4-7.6 for PH. Temp for Betta is 78-80. The hardness above doesn't specify KH or GH specifically, which is a bit difficult.

I assume, someone can correct me that it's generally referring to GH there for that value. 10 being a minimum for the platys. For KH I would let the PH range determine that value.



You'd also want to adjust anything slowly as to avoid stress.

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