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Custom Driftwood "Tree"


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I call this a "tree" very loosely. The goal was not to create a bonsai-type looking thing, but to achieve the same kind of shape while keeping it natural-looking. I got a large and flat piece of rock from the store, along with a few pieces of driftwood, KwikWood, and super glue gel. Everything went pretty smoothly, just needed to allow a lot of drying time for the super glue since I used way too much. Everything holds really well, and the ugliness is hidden in the back of the tank, along with some strategically placed anubias nana.

The rock serves a couple of purposes, mostly to lower the center of gravity to keep it from tilting over. It also gave me a couple of extra inches of height so that I could bury the tree in the substrate but still have it come to the top of the tank.

I'm really pleased with how it all came out!






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I used some super glue for attaching the rock to the wood, and as long as that stuff is CA glue and you let it fully cure, it should be safe. For the KwikWood, I've seen people use and recommend it before for aquariums. I don't have the source off hand now, but there was someone who actually called up JB Weld and asked if KwikWood was aquarium safe, and it is (supposedly) so.

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