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Sick black neons won't get well!

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I've been keeping 12 black neon tetras in a  quarantine tank for over a month.

They have developed a white fuzz that will not go away.

I've treated with salt, Ich-X and General Cure with no improvement!

The fish are resilient and haven't died, they just don't get better!

What should I do, please?sickblackneon.jpg.33433a3cee08dc6e7a549c5378745574.jpg

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What are your water parameters ammonia nitrite nitrate etc how long have they had the  the white fuzz as that can be a sign of columnaris it's a gram negative bacteria that spreads more quickly at temperature over 75 and kill your fish anywhere from 24hr to 7 days depending on the strain @Ohio FishPlant Dude

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