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Starting a pond, gathering supplies


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Hi, so I decided to start a patio pond. I’m in the research stage and gathering my list of supplies. As of now, I’ve only purchased the tank. It’s a 100 gal stock tank and will be above ground but in my recessed patio. I plan on having 3-5 shubunkin or comet goldfish. I live in the Chicago area, so big time weather and temperature swings. 

A filter is my first task and was hoping I could get away with two large sponge filters (stacked or separated). If this would work, I’d like to get them ordered and start seasoning them in my other indoor tank. 

Aside from items I can source from the Co-op, what are your favorite online pond resources other than Amazon, and big box home stores?  

I have a somewhat local place specializing in really big ponds, so most of their filters, de-icers, heaters are large-scale. 

I’m also collecting bricks for stacking plant baskets.

I still have much to do / plan for. Fun stuff!



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So how bad an idea is putting two Ranchu goldfish in this 100 gal patio container pond?  I bought the fish at a local fish club swap a few weeks ago and they’ve been hanging out indoors in my 20 gal long. The “pond” is with 6 feet of the house. We’re in the city so not too much predators in the form of raccoons. But do have opossums, owls, hawks. I will have a grate type cover and a heater. They would also come in for the fall/winter. Short summer season here. 

Tell me I’ve lost my mind and need to consider alternative goldfish. 



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Those chubsters are very cute!

I can't speak with knowledge about goldfish of that body type, but I do have a stock tank pond (110g) with one comet goldfish in it about 4 feet from my house.

We are in the suburbs in Kentucky so raccoons are a real possibility. For this reason and also to create some shade in the pond while waiting for the surface plants to grow, I put two terra cotta flower pots in the pond upside down and set a large ceramic floor tile on them to make a table-like structure. I put a pot of pond plants on top to weigh it down.

This area gives the fish a place to hide from sight if he is scared of anything above the water. It also will make it clear if any big critters like raccoons have gotten in your pond, because they will knock off the potted plant on top of the 'table'. This happened once last year; no fish appeared to be harmed or missing, but at that time the pond had guppies in it and there were dozens of them so I cannot be sure. 

I hope you enjoy your pond!


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