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cycling 75 gal aquarium

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75 GAL tank running for 4 weeks now. Ammonia is now 0, Nitrite 2.0 and dropping. (was 5.0 four days ago), and Nitrate at 5.0. Have live plants, mostly amozon sword, anubis, and java fern. Not heavy planting, maybe 15 plants total. Problem is that when the ammonia read 0, string algae, hair algae or whatever it is called sprung up and is now all over the place and smothering my plants. Not sure to do a water change, or just wait out the cycling as its in the final stages before water change and adding snails and shrimp to eat the algae. Ideas???

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Once you have the nitrites to 0....

If you have a single SAE. go ahead and add it.  Not enough bioload there to cause any harm. Same with shrimp.

Oto, pleco. you can add them too if you keep number low.  One pleco for instance isn't a big deal in a 75G.  Handful of otos, not a big deal.


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