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Hi everyone! 

Just got back into keeping an aquarium a few months ago. I'm having a problem that I'm really stumped on.

I set up a 12 gallon long planted tank with 6 white cloud minnows(2 males, 4 females) and 4 red rili shrimp. One of the males decided to jump out of the aquarium last week so now only 5 fish:classic_sad:. Plants are growing great and I check the water quality weekly. Everything has been fine up until a few days ago when I added 10 more red rili shrimp. No other changes. Suddenly the 4 females hide all day in one corner. The male swims around the entire tank as usual. They come out of the corner when I feed them but then quickly return to the corner. I've noticed that they swim all around the aquarium when the light is off. The weird thing is, the light has been there since day one. (3 months)  There has been spawning behavior in the past and all 4 females appear to be gravid.

Everything I can find online says to check the water parameters. Ammonia is 0%, Nitrites 0% , Nitrates about 5.0 ppm.

I just don't get why it's only the females behaving this way.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

This photo is when I first set it up. The plants are much larger now.





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