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Pea Puffer Temps.

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I was curious to get a pea puffer for my low tech tank. He’d help control the pest snail population. There is currently no heater on the aquarium and it stays a steady 70-72°F. Is that too cold for these guys or do you think he will be fine?

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I know this isn’t adding anything but I pet mine at 78 but I would not go below 75. Mine were in front of a window for awhile with no heater and idi not like the temp change that happened. I moved them and no problems.

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I have not tried it myself. That does seem a little cool long term to me.  I would imagine they are tougher than given credit for since that river is shallow and slow moving the temperature fluctuation is probably pretty drastic in certain seasons for extended periods of time.

There have been a few studies of the river they originate from, and that range was more 75-82. one was the International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, Print Version, Volume 2, Issue 11, November 2012 Edition, ISSN 2250-3153)

I have unintentionally run 3 adult hairy puffers at 70-72 for a few weeks before when the heater got unplugged and wasn't noticed. They were ok but they were also full-grown puffers at that point which may have helped.

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