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Crafty Shrimp


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Wow shrimp are crafty little suckers. 


I spent some time culling my shrimp. I had someone ready to pick them up in a few days so I put them in a fluval hang on breeder box with some plants and wood for holding. 


I woke up the next day and they were all gone. I looked in the tank and they had found their way back! Upon inspecting the box I realized where they got out. I grabbed some panty hoes and plugged the hole and grabbed all the culls again. 


The next morning half of them were again back in the tank! I'm pretty sure I found this hole now too. But oh my! They apparently don't like the box and are smart little things. I don't blame them. I mean, it's 20 in the 1/2 gallon box. Now I HOPE I have all of the holes plugged. The person is coming to pick them up today. I guess can just hunt them down a 4th time if I have to lol.

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Hahah! The couple of times I had shrimp (and sadly not for long) I was surpised all the places they fit. I do however liken them to bugs (I call them and their like sea bugs though the fresh water variety don't come from there, I am aware). They can fit themselves into the smallest places. They are not dumb!

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