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Hi Everybody!

My name is Lisa. I am from Summit County, CO which has mining, skiing and tons of snow. 

I started my aquarium 2 years ago because I was told, “No more house plants!” by my hubby.  So, to expand my plant knowledge, I began studying aquascaping. Thanks to Aquarium Co-Op my underwater garden is thriving. I’m here to learn even more. 

I started with a 5 gallon and a year of dialing in my well water and tank  I ended up dialing in a smoothly running established tank that ran for nine months with out changing.

But then disaster struck, when, while getting new carpet, my bed frame fell, bouncing off of me and falling diagonally onto my tank. Long story short I now have upgraded happily to a 10 gal. 

I do also have a 3 gallon at work, that really only has Java fern overgrowth, drift wood and nerite snails for cleaning. 

Why only two aquarium? Well remember that sweet loving hubby of mine. We all make compromises, but with that being said I do have a passion for my main tank and am hoping to reestablish that ecosystem I had in this new tank.

Current Plants:

-Java fern, both windelov and traditional

-Java moss, what can I say, it’s quickly becoming a girls best friend.

-Anubias nana petite, yea it’s coming along...I think...

-Hydrocotyle tripartita ‘Japan’-just got this sucker but it’s perfect!

-Radican Marble Queen Sword, growing some new leaves after the stress of the move

-Ruffle Sword also got a massive trim and coming back.

-Red Dwarf Aquarium Lilly, my absolute favorite! 

and tons of Marimo moss spread out on my driftwood.

I do have a few fish:

-mustard gas betta- you saw it coming. His name is O.D.B.  He was chosen and named by my man.

-a golden mystery snail-the chef Raekwon 

-a clown pleco- inspect the deck

-a nerite snail- method man

I do plan on completing my Wutang tank here in the future with the extra room but am waiting for everything to get established before doing that.

With all that being said,
Thank you all for the knowledge.

Now, for the learning cycle to continue.










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I also made the houseplant to aquarium plant jump 2 tears ago. You are doing a much better job.

I was asked to fill out a feel good questionnaire for a business associate.  When he got to pet names: Leviathon (16”pleco) 3,4,7,8,9 of 9, (Tinfoil Barbs), etc… he thought I was being a jerk before I told him they were fish.  Then came the inevitable: “you name your fish”?

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On 11/10/2020 at 6:31 PM, Eric W-Farmhouse Fish Room said:

Welcome!  There's a saying that comes to mind.  Better to ask forgiveness than permission! 😄

Thanks for the warm welcome and trust me I did have to ask forgiveness after having three set up for about six months. That was when we had to have “the talk” and when I got the office tank. 
It all worked out in the end 😂

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On 11/12/2020 at 4:27 AM, classicshooter said:

Welcome to the forum. I grew up spending a ton of time in your area, in fact my mother once lived in a home that is now where Dillon Reservoir and my Grandfather helped build the dam. Do you find any specific challenges with your tank at that altitude?

That is so cool! I have never meet anyone who had family that use to live in the Dillon Reservoir but I grew up right next to and always was fascinated by the town underwater. 

To answer your question from forever ago (can you tell I'm bad with online communities lol) I really have only had the normal aquarium keeper issues. We have a sand dug well so for the most part I have really great water. Though recently my mystery snail has been giving me some issues that I think are linked to a calcium deficiency. Also there's only a petco up here so I have to make a three hour round trip to Denver for a quality fish store. 

Other then that I can't complain.  

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