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Betta Tumor


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So my Betta Atticus has had this mass growing on his side for months now and it's constantly getting bigger. I've tried treating with methalyne blue and aquarium salt. Currently trying a small amount of API fin and body cure(although it probably doesn't work on tumors). But idk what to do. He is swimming and eating fine but I often catch him on the bottom of the tank laying on the side with the tumor as if the tumor is getting to heavy for him. Can anyone tell me if there is anything I can do to help or cure him and if this is actually a tumor. When I first got him in October he was completely fine except for beginning to show signs of ick(rubbing body on side of his container he can in front the pet store). After ick treatment though he was completely fine for the longest the all the sudden something appeared on his side and has been growing ever since. The pictures will be in order from first day I brought him home to the first day I noticed the small bump and then the progression up until currently. I got him October 17th and he came with the beginning of ick but was treated immediately. December 30th is when the first signs appeared(3rd pic). Sometimes it burst open(5th pic). He is currently in his treatment container (I put him in here during methylene blue treatments and he stays in here only a day or 2. I only do mb treatments when his tumor burst open or goes mostly white before bursting open to treat and/or prevent infection). I feel so bad for him. I asked a vet and the vet said they had no clue what it is or anything can be done for it.







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Poor guy!! I don't really know about tumors in these kinds of fish, but a tumor that drains is usually a cyst or an abscess from my experience with dogs and cats. 


This article talks about skin "tumors" and they are usually cysts of a type. Especially if your Betta is eating well, and aside from the stress of the tumor when it gets heavy, is acting normally. 

There are a variety of reasons for this, and if anything in the article rings true, that may help!


Other possible helpful articles:





I do not know any of these websites, so I cannot vouch for them- but the fact that they all share basically the same information tells me that I might find them to be reliable. But that's the disclaimer.

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