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Greetings fellow aquarist!!

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Hello my name is Michael and I have been for close to four years and started using aquarium co op products since I first started having planted aquariums. I have never had a bad product and plant from aquarium and love all the products the co op team make. I have 6 tanks currently in my room. 5 them are fresh water and one of them is brakish. This is my first planted tank I started out and has grown over the 3 + years I have it. I am currently cycling an 90 gallon as we speak too. The 40 gallon breeder has 11 to 12 beckford pencilfish and 7 juili corydoras and 5 octos. And has fluval 207 canister filter running it.



Here also my other tanks.




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The first picture is a 5 gallon I remodel and has 2 sparkling gourami and ramshorn snails. I breed the ramshorn snails to feed to my figure 8 puffer Kirby which is in the second picture. He or she is in 32 gallon fluval flex which is been set up for 8 to 9 months. The last picture is my 29 gallon community aquarium with 4 harlequin rasbora and 2 peckcock gudgeon and group of ramshorn snails. I am going to get some more harlequin rasbora in the next couple days because it's too small of school. I am thin like 3 or 4 More of the harlequin rasbora would be great and probably more peacock gudgeon as well If find any near me lol.

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Thank you so much and I never thought about them and do you think if I keep one in there it wouldn't be over stocking because if so, I was thinking about getting a new center pice fish for that thank. I had a female pearl gourami that I got from a breeding that live for a little over 5 years.

I have 11 to 12 beckford pencilfish and 7 juili corydoras and 5 octos. 

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Awesome that's great to hear I might look into get a Bolivian ram. I also that way harder the German blue rams because they need hotter temperature water. Which I have the 40B on 76 degrees so that sound like a fantastic idea thank you so much. My 90 gallon the I am currently cycling right I am thinking of doing an red shoulder severum and a school of bosmani rainbow fish and some geophagus tapajos red and a blue phantom pleco. If you have another stocking ideas that would as personal as a severum would I would love to hear it.

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