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and you'll always find the answers you seek. I've been researching mosquito larvae as a food source and hadn't found a definitive, "yes, you can grow and harvest regular old mosquitoes and give them to your fish." Then last night I was listening to and old live stream about fish foods and Cory said those magic words - I can just fill up a bucket and grow my own!

The truth...is out there.

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1 hour ago, RovingGinger said:

I have found this to be kind of uncanny except the answer I seek is usually in the podcast version I’m listening to as I fall asleep and the chances of me remembering it are roughly 50/50 😐

I absorbed SO much information by listening to the podcasts at work! I'm not usually a podcast person but I love that Cory adds the audio from the livestreams to the app. I wish other fishtube channels (mainly KG Tropicals and Steenfott Aquatics) did this.

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